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  Building our Faith & Lives


About BBC

Our Guide is the Word of God. In a world of confusion, you will find here the living, unchanging Word of God proclaimed with clarity and love. 
Our Heartbeat is the Mission of Christ. Jesus Christ left His church with a three-part mission: Preach to everyone that Christ alone can save you from the penalty of your sin, Baptize those who receive that truth by faith, then Teach them how to live according to the Word of God. We desire to carry on with the work that Jesus started and fulfill His directives until He returns.
Our Ministry is People. A ministry is not a place of service, a program to be involved in, or an event to work at. It is our privilege to serve God by caring for individuals. 

Three Ways to Give


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We are not dependent, subject, or subordinate to any outside organization.

King James

We only use the King James Bible and are proud of that fact.

We have not forgotten the hymns. You will not find a rock band on the stage, but you will find a hymn in every pew.

Soul Winning

We believe that personal door-to-door evangelism still works.


Church Location

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